December 31st, 2007


last geekiness for me for 2007

I had the week from Christmas to New Year's day off, and I made a long "to do" list of little things to get done. Some saw some progress, some were completed, and some will wait for later.

Two things that I wanted to brag a bit about, though, are:

Tinkering in Adobe Acrobat Pro - some of you have tried downloading that Kakuro book from, only to get some sort of error message or corrupt file. I'm still not sure exactly what was going on there, but it seems like PDFs I generate myself don't match up with what expects in a PDF file. Long story short, I ended up using the (misnamed!) "Adobe PDF" virtual printer that outputs a file to PostScript, and upload that to, which might fix the problems we've been seeing.

Tinkering in Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0 for XBox 360 - did I mention I bought myself a new console for Christmas? Within the first day of having it plugged in, I subscribed to the service that lets you make homebrew games for it. It seems like the only supported language is C#, so I've been learning that, and learning Microsoft's runtime libraries, and learning the Game Studio library. Also, I'm on vacation. So, the above screenshot of colored dice is less impressive than I was hoping for by this point, but by tomorrow, I should have some simple Tetris and/or 'match three' gameplay mechanic jammed into the project to show off at work by Wednesday. Also, that same game runs on the XBox. Except it's not a game yet. Tomorrow.

I hope you all are having safe and happy New Year's Eve celebrations. I'll see you in the new calendar.