January 1st, 2008


First geekery of 2008

I don't believe the world needs more Tetris ripoffs.
I don't believe the world needs more match-3 games.

Still, I made a Tetris-y Match 3 game on XNA for XBox360 and PC over the past 30 hours. There's a bunch of stuff that it doesn't do that it could, and if work wants me to continue learning XNA, I can add in music, and sounds, and scorekeeping and fancy particle effects and... you know, other stuff.

But for a game in a day and a half, it's acceptably fun.

Sadly, contrary to the icon's invitation, you can't insert a coin and try this game - it runs on the PC, but requires an XBox360 controller. It runs on the XBox360, but only if you've got a XNA Creator Club subscription.

I might make a version for the PC that has keyboard controls - that's actually pretty easy. I'll post a link if and when I do.