January 11th, 2008


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So, reading Defective Yeti's blog, I see that the American Film Institute has a new list of the top 100 movies of all time.

I first wrote "whole new list", which would suggest that this list has no members in common with earlier lists, which is wrong. See, I've given myself a task of seeing the "best" movies, according to both AFI and IMDB, so I grabbed AFI's top 100 movies as of 98, and a snapshot of IMDB's top 250 movies as of... I forget - round about the time that Pirates of the Caribbean 1 came out.

For a while, I had been pursuing this using TiVo and DirecTV, but the broadcast stations are only cooperative with such a project to a limited degree. Then, I subscribed to NetFlix, which helps a lot. Most of these movies are available on DVD, so it's just a matter of finding an evening when I'm in a mood to watch Robert De Niro or Lauren Bacall in some classic film.

One thing I've learned about myself so far in this project: I'm not nearly as much a fan of classic movies as I think I ought to be. I'm appreciating them intellectually, I guess, but not really enjoying them. Still, stubborn individual that I am, I intend to continue.

And, sheesh, I suppose that I should go through the new AFI list and add the films I haven't seen.


Looks like Altman's showing up in the new AFI list for movies that weren't picked for the older list.

Ok, only 10 movies added to my list:

39. Dr. Strangelove (1964)
49. Intolerance (1916)
59. Nashville (1975)
61. Sullivan's Travels (1942)
63. Cabaret (1972)
82. Sunrise (1927)
90. Swing Time (1936)
91. Sophie's Choice (1982)
95. The Last Picture Show (1971)
96. Do The Right Thing (1989)

I know I saw "Dr. Strangelove" back when I was in high school, but I didn't really appreciate it then. I expect, having finally read Catch-22, I'll see it in a different way now. I'm not going so far as to say I'll enjoy it, of course.

Matt ("Defective Yeti") says that he intends to see the 40 or so movies on the list that he hasn't seen by the end of 2008, and I applaud him for that - maybe what I'll attempt is to knock 40 movies off my own list by the end of the year. That's including the 1998 AFI list, the 2007 AFI list, and the Internet Movie Database list (which I'm not updating, for whatever reason).

Fortunately, I don't anticipate 40 new classics to come out by the end of the year, so I'll still be making progress.