February 4th, 2008


Annual Obligatory Football Game

I think I need a television icon, now that I have multiple movie and one theatre icon.

So, I watched the game - timeshifted through the benefit of TiVo. For some odd reason, I decided to catch up on LJ early while watching the game and got some hints about the ultimate result.

I was one of those who used to watch the game for the commercials, and then I noticed that the Superbowl commercials were waning in quality about the time that the Oscars commercials had an upswing. This year, interestingly, some of the most interesting commercials were either for commercials, or they had movie references (the Audi/Godfather and Budweiser/Rocky commercials).

Tom Petty was a perfectly acceptable halftime show, but I would have been interested in hearing something that wasn't on Full Moon Fever. Also, more than once, I found myself thinking about Guitar Hero. Star Power Activate!