March 13th, 2008


Down With Love

A while ago, I was off on a "Sarah Paulson is the best" tear, and wendywoowho suggested that I check out the Zellweger / McGregor pic "Down With Love". It came around on NetFlix, so I decided to turn it around, to get back to my "Must See Movies" list.

Thoughts in disjointed bullet format (what else?):

  • Throughout the movie, I kept hearing the line from Family Guy in my head: "Acting isn't hard, Renee Zellweger just makes it look like it is".
  • Sarah Paulson is one of the best things in the movie. I did like the over-the-top 60s-ness of the thing, though in Act I (if I might presume to partition the film that way) it seemed a little silly. After a while, it settled down, or I got used to it.
  • I had just seen the tail end of Trainspotting earlier this week. There's no connection other than Ewen McGregor being in both, but I'm amused by imagining more connections. What if Zellweger's character from DWL ended up part of a heroin deal with Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie? Or, as long as I'm linking movies together, let's jump via Robert Carlyle to The Full Monty. I'm not sure what we do once we get there. Maybe David Hyde Pierce and Tony Randall have to take their clothes off. My guess is that would not fare well at the US box office.
  • Timothy Omundson didn't have a significant enough of a character in DWL to not be interpreted as Carlton Lassiter each time I saw him.
  • Florence Stanley was in this movie, and also in My Two Dads. She had a part on Mad About You, because she can't get away from Paul Reiser. Also, she shows up in the Law and Order computer games as Judge Emily Greenwood. Because she's so judgey. Was the My Two Dads character a spinoff of her Judge Wilbur character on Night Court?
  • Like I said, Act I was a little silly, but clearly that's what they were going for. Act II played the formula just fine (Too bad John Ritter couldn't have tripped over a couch). Act III was refreshingly absurd to make the movie to that point pay off.
  • Just like "Dead Weight Loss", this movie shares my initials. This movie isn't a microeconomical concept for inefficiencies in an imperfect marketplace, though.
  • I give it three stars out of five. Not bad - an adequate piece of fluff where Sarah Paulson ends up with the geeky guy. Er, spoiler there. Sorry.

Next up: Amores perros (Love's a Bitch). Should be a nice contrast.