April 4th, 2008


The machine's working again


I originally put this particular computer together for my previous job - this was my work machine. For a while, I was pretty good about keeping work only on the machine, but I slacked off over time, and now it's got games and other cool stuff on it.

Over the past week or so, it had been flaking out, including not wanting to boot up. I jiggled cables, and prayed to various Mayan corn gods, and somehow it limped along. Until it stopped limping along.

I had decided a while ago to take today off as a mental health day, so I drove down to Fry's and got a new power supply and other random gewgaws. When I got home, I stuck the new supply in, and nothing happened. I took it out and put the old power supply in, nothing happened. I loosened some screws holding the motherboard to the case, and stuff started working again. That sounds to me like some loose connections. Yikes.

So, I started plugging stuff back in, and booted it up, and CHKDSK wants to verify my disks. Sure, why not. It found hundreds of security descriptors that it rewrote (hm?) and then rebooted. At which point, I noticed that half my RAID wasn't recognized. Crap. If CHKDSK noticed that my RAID was broken, and tried to fix it, that could be very bad. One would hope that if that's what it was going to do, it'd verify with me before "fixing" the problems with a half-working RAID array.

Powered down, more jiggling with cables, powered back up - things seem to be working, I think.

Oh, these computers, they're tricky.