June 22nd, 2008


AFI 10 top 10

So, the American Film Institute made a new list. Or, a list of lists - their 10 top ten lists. I somewhat agree with this notion - film is such a big endeavor, coming up with a "top 100" of all films seems daunting. So, they broke film into 10 genres (what?), and selected a top 10 in each genre.

That's slightly more manageable.

One of the issues I have with this approach is their list of the top 10 genres. "Romantic Comedy", "Sci-Fi", and "Epic", yeah, I can see that there'd be quality movies in each one, and they don't overlap (much). And then you add in "Animation" - er, that's not really a genre as a choice of presentation style, like "black and white", or "voiceover", but OK.

"Sports" is a genre. Sigh. That seems questionable. Sure, there are some good sports movies. I guess. Giving "Sports" one of the top 10 genres seems like charity, though - very few of the top 10 sports movies ranked in AFI's top 100 movies last year (huh, and both of them were boxing movies).

Similarly, "Gangster" and "Courtroom Drama" were odd genre choices.

So, I'm a slave to my movie-watching project. I've gone through the 10 top 10 lists, identified movies that weren't already on my "movies to see list" (which is like my NetFlix queue, minus the silly impulse things I've added to my NetFlix Queue like Season 1 of Greatest American Hero). Of the 10 top 10 lists, I added 17 movies to my queue. Of the remaining 87, maybe a dozen or so were already on my queue, leaving me with 65ish - around 2/3 of the list - that I've already seen.

I'll see the good movies. Yes, I will.

On the other end of the queue - I just watched "Do the Right Thing". Meh. So, racism is bad. Ok. And violence isn't the answer. Or maybe it is. No, it isn't. Well, sometimes. Got it.