April 17th, 2009


85 to go

or some such.

I just watched "Manhattan", or sorta half-watched it. Woody Allen is much easier to take early in the morning when you're distracted, it seems.

So, now my NetFlix / American Film Institute / IMDB project is down to 85 movies according to the spreadsheet I looked at this morning. I suspect there's a clutch of movies from the AFI's 10 top 10 that I intend to see, but haven't sorted into the list yet.

And then there's the sub-project, where I took all the movies on that list, selected those that were released in my lifetime, and I tried to see that sub-list by the end of 2008. I've missed that, but now the one movie remaining on the sub-list is "The Last Picture Show", which had been slated to be available in late April on NetFlix, but now is listed as being unavailable.

So, either I wait for it to come out on DVD (or, I guess, Blu-Ray), or I scrounge the DVD swapping services, or I scrounge eBay, or I wait for it to show up on cable. So much for making plans.

In related (in the sense that it also made me mad) news - I wrote Hasbro with more enthusiasm and happiness than I felt, saying that I'd love to know when they were ready to make PDF downloads of their out of print books available again. I have (surprise) not heard back from them, and in the interim, I've enriched their competition - there are plenty of small game developers that are making adventures and rules supplements available for purchase - some as PDFs, some as print-on-demand books. I spent a chunk of change on both of those recently.

And, as a punchline to this whole storyline, the particular supplement that set me off on this fugue of anger against TSR / WotC / Hasbro was one that I had already purchased in PDF format, as it turns out. And some of it is pretty dreadful, including some pen-and-ink drawings that might have come right off the back cover of my 5th grade math book.