April 19th, 2009


Not to quote a motivational speaker...

I'm not referring to Chris Farley's memorable character, but rather Tony somebody. I just watched "TED: The Future We Will Create", and I really enjoyed it. I also would love to be invited to attend TED one day, but I've got to become a Matt Groening, an Al Gore, or a Meg Ryan. I suppose I could also become something like that guy who wowed people with his multi-touch displays a few years ago, back before multi-touch was everywhere (everywhere = iPhone).

I suggest that you check it out. (I was considering posting a Facebook status line: "Dave suggests you should watch TED: The Future We Will Create", at least to those who intend to live part of their lives in the future", but here we are.

Towards the end (not to spoil the plot of the movie), Tony Robbins asked the audience about what reasons people give to explain why they didn't accomplish something. "Didn't have enough... time... money..." and so on. To which Robbins made the claim that really, it's usually not a problem with having enough resources, it's a problem with having enough resourcefulness.

Now, sure, that sounds like the sort of thing that a motivational speaker would say. But hey, it's a convenient way to introduce this other thing.

I've been griping about NetFlix's habit of pulling movies that I want to see out of my queue and moving them into the "unavailable" ghetto at the bottom of the page. I'm still displeased with that. I'm experimenting with a solution, a website called SwapADVD.com, which allows you to enter in the DVDs you have that you want to get rid of, and your wish list of movies you want, and it does the matchmaking. If somebody wants your DVD, they give you a mailing label, and you drop the DVD in the mail. Bam, you've acquired one quantum of karma (a "credit"), and you can get a DVD from someone else.

#1 on my queue is "Last Picture Show", and I'm optimistic that it'll become available soon.

Even if I don't get all the movies I've been planning to watch quickly and easily, I'm getting rid of movies that I never intend to watch again, so that's a win.