April 26th, 2009


The Rest of the Spreadsheet

Ok, so I griped about not being able to finish the "best movies of my lifetime" project by the December 31 2008 goal.

And I eventually did manage to complete the project, chipping away one Woody Allen movie after another. One thing that I've learned is that I don't think I really care for Robert Altman. Good to learn.

I've looked at my spreadsheet of remaining movies, and if I average 4 movies a month, I should be able to finish right around the end of 2010. That seems reasonable, but that's about the pace that I was trying to maintain for the earlier portion of the project, and the earlier portion was for less than a year - so I may not hit this goal, either.

Also, the American Film Institute keeps publishing lists, and to some degree, I keep listening to them and adding them to one list or another. This particular spreadsheet doesn't have the AFI's "10 top 10" content rolled into it (yet). There's a fair amount of overlap, but there are some movies (Breaking Away) that I'll have to go back and add in.

I've just put my exercise bicycle back in the living room, pointing at the "screen" (the wall onto which I project), and hey, maybe I'll get back in the habit of biking before work, and maybe knock out a half a movie a day that way.

I recently sent a DVD through SwapADVD.com off into the gaping maw of the US Postal Service, and when it arrived, the recipient sent me a "private message" (how quaint!) saying that he was the founder of the service, and he hoped that I was appreciating it.

Thanks to SwapADVD, I currently have a copy of Metropolis (1927), which I may hang on to - I had seen it once, years ago, but it's a landmark of early Sci-Fi, and that's the kind of thing that I don't mind having gathering dust on my shelf. I also have a copy of Charade, which I've seen probably twice, and have assigned myself to see again as part of this project. So, that's two DVDs in hand of my own to watch. "The Birth of a Nation" is on its way - I don't expect to enjoy it, but I'll be happy to check it off my list.

Recent movies:
The Killing - surprisingly good heist movie
Dr. Strangelove - enjoyed it more this time than before, not as much as a lot of other people, though.
A Day at the Races - (Not really on the list) Yawn. I've decided to kick all the other Marx Brothers movies down my NetFlix queue. I've heard the memorable one-liners, and they're not any funnier in context.
Persepolis - (also not on the queue) good, but I might have appreciated it more if I didn't try to see it at 6am on Saturday. Saturday morning cartoons, good - trying to read subtitles that were going by too quickly, bad.
Philadelphia Experiment - (So not on the list) I remember wanting to see this in 1984. I was wrong.
TED: The Future We Will Create - (not on the list) Very Good. I think I mentioned it here already.