May 17th, 2010


Treadmill Theater: Trudging Through the Classics #5 - Shane (part 1)

Another western movie from the guy who did Giant and A Place in the Sun, both of which I watched recently. Seems like westerns ought to be seen at 16:9 or a wider aspect ratio; 4:3 is just wrong.

Have I ever mentioned that Technicolor was named for MIT? It's true.

I've been using to supplement my NetFlix queue. This gets me the out-of-print, or hard-to-find, or other why-is-this-unavailable-from-netflix movies. Birth of a Nation was one of these. I was only too happy to re-list BoaN on SwapADVD as soon as I was done watching it, and someone snapped it up, so that movie's already in my mailbox, on its way to somewhere in New York.

Four and a half movies to go, and then I'll be mixing up my NetFlix queue to feed me culturally significant stuff like Season 1 of McGyver and Greatest American Hero.