May 23rd, 2010


Treadmill Theater: Trudging Through the Classics #2 - Witness for the Prosecution, #1 King Kong

Let's see. Witness for the Prosecution - Agatha Christie story, with a cranky guy tended to by a clingy nurse. If you've seen "The Man Who Came to Dinner", that part might be familiar. Not a bad movie. Twisty and turny towards the end. I called one of the turns.

I then went on to watch King Kong - surprisingly similar to the Jack Black / Peter Jackson movie of the same name. Also, surprisingly effective special effects. I'm pretty sure I had seen most of them before, being a Star Wars geek as a kid, and going out of my way to see special effects specials.

And then, to celebrate not getting anything done, I watched Logan's Run in Blu-Ray. No, there was no real benefit to the blueness of the ray.

Woo, I'm done!