July 15th, 2011



I understand that it brands me as a crazy person, like those people who didn't watch Star Wars until the 90s, if at all.

I haven't read the books, nor seen the movies, of the Harry Potter series.


Oh, people have told me that they're good. You can feel free to tell me that I should read them. Hasn't mattered yet.

On the radio this morning, I heard numerous teens interviewed, and they were saying that today marks the end of their childhood. Or that Harry Potter will live forever. Or something. I'm sure they will find that there are other books and movies to consume.

Also mentioned was that Warner Brothers was going to have difficulty dealing with the loss of the HP franchise. I'm pretty unimpressed by media conglomerates not being able to maintain their year over year billion dollar monetization of a fictional world. Really, WB, if you didn't diversify your portfolio before now, that's your fault. If you don't want to develop a new franchise, I'm sure that either Christian Bale or Daniel Craig would step in as the star of a reboot.

I suggest you get Michael Bay or Uwe Boll to direct the rebooted series, since I'm not going to see them anyway.