February 10th, 2014

A Hard Day's Night


So, this past weekend, a bunch of my friends / acquaintences / teammates got together and competed in a local trivia competition. There are a few competing bar trivia formats, some having national infrastructure behind them, some having more local, some being strictly two guys in one bar running things. This weekend's competition was supposed to be a championship for something like 7 local bars, but they didn't get enough registrations, so they opened it wider, and we frankensteined together a team.

There was a round on Seattle history (pro tip: just write down street names) and one on Breaking Bad, which we somehow floundered our way through. The "flow" moment for me was when they had a round of Beatles songs, where they'd play the first few lines of the song, and bleep out a line or two, which the teams would fill in. The hardest part for me was to know when to stop writing.

That round only had 5 points available, but I nailed them all.

Then, later on, there was a musical round where I wrote down "Pressure" instead of "Under Pressure" for the David Bowie / Queen song, which I'm pretty sure is a mistake I made before.

Still, we walked away with a trophy and a pocketful of cash, each (not quite covering our food and registration, but that's cool).