Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

"Wow, what a dorky looking screenshot, Dave."


But I post it to record that I've got done all the features I wanted to - I call my game "feature complete", not because there aren't features that might make the game more fun or more engaging, or slightly sillier, but because the game pretty much hangs together as a whole at last. Maybe this point is a subtle one, or maybe it's obvious and I haven't got enough sleep.

For instance, I'd like to put in Skylab-like satellites that have huge solar panel vanes. Because, if I took the time to get it right, they'd end up looking like windmills. Perfect for a golf game. Or, really, perfect for a mini-golf game. And mini-golf is groovier than boring golf. But I don't think I'll do that. And I don't think I'll add the wormholes. But if I did get wormholes in, I could incorporate a gag saying "3 warps to neptune", which a handful of Gyruss players would appreciate.

I guess it comes down to imagining what a person seeing the game for the first time would think - it's not about could I make him chuckle a little more, it's about whether she's able to exit the program. Meeting minimal expectations, I guess. Phrased yet another way, the program is only as strong as its weakest link.

Hm, but even that doesn't entirely satisfy me. Because I'm perfectly willing to take pieces that many games have (music, installers, uninstallers, copy protection, lava, crates) and decide that they're not important to me. I guess that's just defining reasonable parameters for the project. It also doesn't have online matchmaking, because that'd be... well, I could see it being kinda cool, but there's no way I'd spend my development week on that.

Anyway. I'm pleased to have reached this point. I know I'll be able to submit a game that I'm proud of on Saturday, when the challenge ends. I even think I'll want to go back and add in a few things that I couldn't add in during the week, and turn it into a salable product. That's just crazy - finishing a game and selling it to people?


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