Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Shut Up, Advertisers

  • I do not want it, Sam I Am - a helpful tip to those who might want to offer me an incentive. You can offer me a "gift", you can offer me something for "free", but if you offer me a "free gift", you've lost my interest. I suspect in your mind, there are gifts that are not free, hence your decision to qualify the term. I suggest that those are, in fact, not "gifts", but "products". People sell products for money. That's the difference between products and gifts.

    Also, don't expect to get invited to my next birthday party.

  • I'm not happy about having to pay for a compiler, you're not helping - There are plenty of free compilers for computers out there these days. Apple gives out XCode for anybody who can stomach the download. GNU has had an awfully good compiler collection for several years. There have been other compilers DJGCC, MinGW, and so on.

    Microsoft is one of the few companies out there still making a buck off their compiler, though. Not that it's got more features than the competition (well, depends on how loosely you define the competition - is GCC a competitor? XCode? You can't compile a C# app for Vista with DJGCC, I'll tell you that). As I open up Visual Studio .Net 2005, I get a "start page", which looks an awful lot like a syndication-laden home page for Yahoo! users. And, indeed, if I follow the links being served up to me, I get ads. Didn't you already sell me the compiler? How much more of my money do you need?

    The logical outgrowth of this would be for OnStar to make a deal with McDonalds, so that drivers asking for GPS routing assistance would be given a set of directions that take them right past the tempting smell of french fries.

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