Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Lawn Accountability

I don't know about your RSS-blog-tube-o-sphere, but there's not enough talk about mowing in mine.

Yesterday, I had a handful of friends over for games of one sort and another, and - as can happen at events like these - a game of bocce broke out in my spottily-tended-to yard. I was more drawn to indoor games, and after a while, one of my friends came to the back door and asked if we'd like to help look for one of the bocce balls.

Well, the good news is that they found the ball - but this served as a wakeup call, and I took the hint from that and todays good weather to mow the entire yard. I had got a half or 2/3 of the yard mowed earlier this season (the bits that people would see if they were staying near the house), but some parts of the yard hadn't seen a mower yet this year.

My excuse is that I cut 96 gallons of grass, and then I stop, because that's the capacity of my yard waste pickup can. It's not a very good excuse, because the grass just keeps growing, regardless of my schedule.

So, I cut a canful of grass, and there was still half the yard to go. So I took off the bagger attachment gizmo and just kept mowing, tossing cut grass where ever the lawnmower wanted to throw it. As it happens, it seemed to want to collect in big clumps down in the lower third of the property.

Well, it's progress, but it's not good enough. And, if I leave it there, it'll be unhealthy for the remaining grass, and if it dries out, it'll be a fire hazard, and I'm sure bits of cut grass will get into the air and cause folks with allergies to hate me.

So. One ongoing solution is to arrange for my yard waste pickup service to rent me a second can - 192 gallons a week would be an amazing amount, and probably enough to keep me happy. But, until I get around to doing that, I can put some yard waste in paper bags, and if all goes well, the yard waste people will take them. I've had mixed results with that plan before. Plan C would be to pile the yard waste bags into the back of the car and pay a local farm to take the contents from me. That has worked before, but it always ends up with my car smelling like cut grass for quite a while, when I'm already fed up with that smell.

Anyway, I'm rambling on about all of this because I intend to have the lawn to a state of moderate presentability when my folks come to visit for Mother's Day. That gives me a bit of time to get some yard waste bags and go back and pick up the dreadful lumps, but not so much time that this bargain with myself is meaningless.

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