Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Weekend of Art, part 1

Am I being ambitious, believing that I'll have even more art later on in the weekend, necessitating a part 2? Could be.

Thursday, I saw a screening of that Maguire/Dunst/Grace/Church pic. First half: 4 out of 5. Second half: 1 out of 5. Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Alvin Sargent are credited with writing the screenplay, but my theory is that Sam fell into a coma after writing the first half of the movie, and Ivan had to pitch in. I don't know what Alvin Sargent contributed, but my guess is that they got him when they couldn't get Alan Smithee to write the script.

Friday, some friends invited me to join them to see Circus Contraption and Yard Dogs on stage in Seattle. It was a fun Vaudville/Cabaret/Mutton Chop evening. Until I realized I had parked in a garage that closed at midnight. Ooops.

Saturday, I went to the Seattle Art Museum's Grand Opening. Free admission to the newly expanded facility, so I was able to see some stuff that had been hidden away and only newly practical to put on display. Albers, Kandinsky, de Koonig, Duchamp, Kahlo, Rothko, Pollock, Johns, and names you probably didn't get in your semester of art history.

Following this, I swung by the downtown Seattle location of my favorite Thai restaurant, Typhoon. They have a web page, but you wouldn't click on it, I betcha. Tasty noodles. I splurged and had some coconut ice cream. Tasty.

I then hiked up to the Seattle Art Museum's sculpture garden. As long as I've lived near Seattle, I still have times when I'm surprised to find that two things are right next to each other. The sculpture garden is right behind the Old Spaghetti Factory. Also, Real Networks is on the other side of tOSF. I knew they were down near the waterfront, but bam bam bam, right next to eachother.

So, I'm all full of post-painterly deconstruction of the forms of modernism, and admonitions to not touch the art. And noodles.

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