Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


It's a nice day out just now. I just wanted to mention that. Or, to tie it into the theme that I'm going to get around to: I recognize that it's a nice day out just now.

I had lunch at one of the local burrito chains (probably a national chain, but the one I went to is local). I've been there a few times. Now, it's not a fine dining restaurant where the people who take your order have decided on food service as a career, so I understand (ahem, "recognize") that they may not be there next month or next week. Turnover is a given part of the process. (Mmm, turnovers. But that's a different post.)

I walk up to place my order, and the woman behind the counter is elbows-deep in some cleaning project, wiping up around the salsa containers, refilling the mole tub, I don't know, maybe installing a porch. So the manager comes over to take my order. And he correctly recalls that I just about always have a taco salad, but on a soft tortilla instead of the deep-fried taco salad shell that they're normally served in. Kudos to the manager. I don't know if you have a "regular" at any restaurant you frequent, but this tickles me.

After lunch, I swing by the grocery store to pick up some fixins for meals over the weekend, when Mom and Dad come to visit, and I load up my cart with slightly healthier stuff than I might normally get. Not by a lot, but as I finish my rounds, I swing by the frozen foods aisle, and grab myself two pints of Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream. Because if I don't buy ice cream, the terrorists win. As I'm going through the checkout, the cashier (let's say she's 40 years old and married) looks at my ice cream and says "I guess I don't know who that is".

"He's got a news show on Comedy Central."

"Ah, that would be why. I don't think I get that channel."

I can understand people older than me not knowing about The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Not having basic cable seems exotic, peculiar, and somehow monastic.

And if you're not watching basic cable, you're putting Dean Cain out of a job. Are you sure you can live with that on your conscience?

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