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Dave LeCompte (really)

Yippie Ki Yay

  • building
  • elevator
  • airplane
  • taxicab

and now...

  • cop car
  • SUV
  • helicopter
  • semi truck
  • cruise liner (oh, no, wait, that was Speed 2, sorry)
  • F-35 fighter plane

We're running out of modes of transportation for McClane to blow up. Perhaps in the next one, McClane's undercover in Amish country, and he drops a horse and buggy down a silo onto the bad guys. I'm not saying the formula's not working, I'm just saying you're not leaving a lot of room for future episodes in the franchise.

This was a worthy chapter in the series. Willis as the tough-as-nails rag doll who can get tossed out of, onto, down, or into just about any object and come up little worse for wear. That guy ("I'm a Mac!") cast against type as a computer guy. Excuse me, mathematical security specialist. Timothy Olyphant doing a terrific job as the guy giving McClane a hard time over the radio. That guy in his mother's basement, completely believable as a guy living in the basement.

At the outset, I was thinking that maybe they wouldn't use the Hollywood computer cliches, and I guess they did miss a few of them - no faces illuminated by projected images, no magic websites. Still, quite a few blunders - apparently, a crucial part of the supergenius' plot involved a palm pilot hooked into a roll-up keyboard. And the country's most secure computers have exposed USB ports for hooking in your portable hard drive to.

By the way, how big would a portable hard drive need to be to copy all the nation's important data? I'm pretty sure Google measures their storage in boxcars, so a guy with a briefcase isn't going to be able to lug it away.

The action starts fairly early in the film, and doesn't really let down much. Plenty of explosions to be had, including footage from Planet of the Apes. (Really?) With all those things blowing up, you can just about forgive the writers for giving Willis a limited set of lines for the first half hour of the film. "Stay down!", "Keep close!", "Stay here!"

Still, technical nits aside, this was a fine movie, and if you enjoyed any of the previous films, you should find memorable bits and worthy service to the franchise. I'm impressed to see the old guy still pulling off the action hero role. I'm also pleased to see the tag-along sidekick being not entirely irritating.

The guy sitting next to me wouldn't stop talking to himself during the show, and the folks in front of me kept using their cell phones. Jerks.

On the way home, I caught the last few minutes of Radio Open Source. I wasn't ever a huge fan of the show, but I do like listening to Christopher Lydon. Well, I'm conflicted about him. He irritates me sometimes, but he's got more smarts than a lot of other interviewers, so I give him a partial pass. I was delighted to hear The Connection on KUOW back several years ago, and within a month of KUOW airing it, Lydon and The Connection parted ways. And, of course, I avidly listened to The Connection back when I was in the land of WBUR. I even have coffee cups to prove it.

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