Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Overheard on NPR

So, I'm in that almost-awake period, not ready to get out of bed yet, and I hear a discussion about the "great age of American pop song", the age of Gershwin, Porter, and their contemporaries. The discussion was centering around a book, "The House That George Built", by Wilfrid Sheed. Two things caught my ear:

"Happy people don't need to have fun" - touching on the observation that many of the big songwriters of that era were depressed. It makes sense, but it's an observation that makes me uneasy.

Later, the discussion turned to the too-short lives and careers of some of these greats, including Gershwin, who died at age 38. The host made a comment, saying that many people wonder what Gershwin might have gone on to do, had he lived longer, much like John Kennedy.

Recall, I'm almost-awake at this point. So, instead, I heard the name "John Candy", which I thought an unusual, but not incorrect, comparison to make.

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