Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

They whom the gods would destroy, they first make smug.

If you haven't been skimming over the updates of my bathroom work, you might have noticed a certain sense of relief on my part as I got the drain:

and installed it in the sink:

It only took a month to get around to doing it, based on when I took the picture of that drain piece.

So, I put it in. If you look at the sink, you can see some discoloration around the drain that's been there for quite a while. If you look in the mirror at the top of the picture, you can see some really gross markings around the drain that have been there at least since my walkthrough of the house before I purchased it.

"Man, these sinks in the bathroom really need replacing" said I, probably in September of 1999.

I sent Dad a picture of the drain installed in the sink, and I said something like "I'm finally done with climbing around underneath the sink!"

You know where this is going by now, right?

So, as I'm finally tidying up, packing some tools away, I test out the new drain. Run some water in the sink, and most of it ran into the drain pipe. However, a noticeable amount escaped. So, I tightened the drain to the sink and tried again. Same thing, and I'm hearing some creaking and popping sounds. Tightened it some more, got more creaking, more popping, more leaking.

At this point, I'm pretty sure that the tighter I make the drain against the old sink, the more strain I'm putting on already sketchy materials. (By the way, I mentioned that pipes were gross, but the insides of the old sink were similarly gross with rusty bits. I was only too happy to get the new drain in there to hide the corroding internals of the sink.)

So. Back to Home Depot for the zillionth time in a month, got a new sink.

Removed the faucet and drain that I was so pleased with having installed:

Mmm, cracked and rusty sink:

I pulled the sink out:

Yeah, the sink's clearly falling apart:

And here's the new bathroom:

That's the nature of progress, I guess.

The good news (such as it is) is that with the purchase of some caulk and some plumber's putty, I should be able to install the faucet and drain onto the sink (without even having to climb around anywhere), and then install the sink (minor climbing) and have the new sink in service - only 8 years of waiting, and a few hours of work.

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