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If you're not familiar with the album in the icon (or you can't see the icon, through some RSS repackaging of my blather), that's "A Hard Day's Night". And here it is, night, and it's been a busy day, and I'm exhausted.

The origin of "A Hard Day's Night" was Ringo, exhausted after a long recording session, which started late and ended in the wee hours of the morning. Ringo was commenting on how exhausting the session was, saying "It's been a hard day...", then catching himself, realized that most of the exhausting bits were actually after sundown, so he appended "...'s night!". No, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Again, it was Ringo.

Some of this will overlap with other posts, so if you've already read bits, feel free to go to recess early.

  • quack, quack, goes the Pakistani Ambassador - I woke up this morning to the clock radio. I haven't actually had the clock radio set to come on in the morning for several months, making it really just a radio. Which has a clock. Ok, so it IS a clock radio, and I certainly use the 'sleep' feature to listen to the radio as I fall asleep.

    I guess last night, I hit the wrong button - leaving the radio on all night, which would explain why I was waking up to the radio. I had some dream that involved ducks, and as I was waking up, I was aware of the duck sounds resolving to an interview with somebody from Pakistan. I suppose that's further evidence, if you needed it, that my subconscious doesn't speak any Asian language.

  • PyWeek 5 just over the horizon - If you recall, I participated in a challenge back in April, where I made a game in a week. There's another challenge coming up in just over a month, and one of the rules is that you can use whatever resources are freely available to all participants, in an effort to make a level playing field for all participants.

    So, if you've been working on something that might be handy, you can use it - but only if you "publish" it a month ahead of the contest. Post it in a downloadable place, document it, and then don't touch it in the meantime (it'd be an abuse if you shared version 0.1, and ended up using version 2.3).

    So, we're coming up on that deadline, and I'm trying to anticipate what sort of resources I might want to use for a game I won't begin to design for over a month. I might publish my Tic-Tac-Toe code. (The only interesting thing I have to say about Tic-Tac-Toe is that the first player can play anywhere and win the game, but the second player actually has to pay attention, for he can lose on his first move.)

    That code was a step towards a generic boardgame library, one that could play checkers, mancala, chess, dots-and-boxes, or a bunch of other (simple) games. Could it play Parcheesi? Perhaps, I might need to think a little bit about that sometime.

    Oh, that reminds me - I ought to write a Cramer's Rule implementation. That's handy now and then.

  • lazy weekend - I figure a bunch of people are spending this weekend reading. I was thinking that I might do something similar - I've got a couple books I've started reading that I want to finish.

    However, I went and broke my sink (see my previous post), which focuses some of the remainder of the weekend. The sink was falling apart when I got it, so I'm not too upset. I am a little bothered, though, because I had gone through figuring out what I can do, or must do, at this time, versus what I can let slide for the next round of work on the bathroom. One of the things in my "leave until later" list is to replace the countertop with a Corian counter, with an integrated sink. There are a lot of other pieces to the project, some of which should go before the new countertop, which convinced me that the new counter isn't something I can really have installed right now.

    But I don't really want to live without a sink in that bathroom, either. So, I'm replacing the sink with a similar sink (which, curiously, happens to be the absolute cheapest sink I could find at Home Depot - which seems to be consistent with what I'm learning about the construction of this house). When the time comes to install the nice counter, I can pull this sink out, and maybe I can rotate it around the house - there's another bathroom sink that needs to go someday, maybe the new cheap sink will make a good replacement for the old cheap sink. Or, maybe, I'll get both sinks replaced at once, in which case, maybe I'll give it away on one of those sites that facilitate giving perfectly good stuff away to good homes.

  • ricey - after looking at the expensive houses last night (See whatever post that was. Also, my flickr page.) my friends and I went out to dinner at a moderately nice Italian place near my home. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, salad forks. That sort of nice.

    My friends struggled with the menu, and didn't have good luck with their appetizers. I was sad that they weren't enjoying their experience as much as I was. I think they enjoyed their entrees, though. I certainly had a tasty dish - the special risotto of the night, which had prosciutto and cheese and wine (?). Awfully rich, and pretty tasty. It was listed on the menu as a "small entree", which sounded good. Maybe I misread it, because I took home half of my dinner.

    However, and this is perhaps the interesting part (if there is one): I managed to reheat it with very satisfying results. I didn't just microwave it, for fear that it'd end up one savory brick. Instead, I melted two tablespoons of butter in a saucepan, added about a cup of warm water, raised that to a simmer, then added in my leftover risotto. The liquid cooled off a lot with the addition of the cold clumps of rice and whatnot, so I let the mixture come back up to a boil. As this was happening, the risotto sauce was mixing in with the water, loosening the concoction up into a smoother sauce. As that started to bubble, I stirred it a few good times to make sure stuff wasn't sticking to the pan (the sauce, which had been watered down, was now thickening back up again, which almost seems like the long way around to get the desired results). I turned the burner down to medium, and left it alone for a few minutes.

    It ended up with a consistency that matched my memory of how it was served to me in the restaurant, so I must have done something right.

    All those episodes of Good Eats must have left something in my brain.

  • you make me feel like dancing - so, the weather out here's been a little weird. Warmer than I'm comfortable with for a week or so, and then drizzly for the past week. Today was drizzly and warm. I went to one of my dance haunts tonight, and on the way there, my windshield fogged up spontaneously a few times. This is a little worrisome.

    When I got there, I had a good time dancing, up to a point where a woman I was dancing with asked me if I wasn't hot with my long-sleeved shirt on. Well, yes, I am hot. I'm a disco inferno. After our dance was done, I realized that said shirt was heavy with perspiration. I decided that was the time to go home - everybody there was dealing with the heat in one way or another, so I probably wasn't the only soggy guy there, but just the same.

  • sometimes customer service isn't so bad - I just got an email from the big company I was complaining about in a previous post. It seems that some human got around to reading my tirade. "An adjustment of your purchase will be sent to your mailing address." I'm imagining that means a coupon. Or a big guy named Rocco coming over to "adjust" things.

    I really didn't need an adjustment, I just wanted to tell them that their instructions needed proofreading.

    By the way, I'm still disturbed that my shampoo is proud to proclaim "Final product not tested on animals!" - I appreciate what they're trying to say, but the imprecision and the hedging both make me uneasy. Humans are animals, of course. That's the imprecision. The hedging is that they had to specify that it was the final product that hadn't been tested on (non-human?) animals. That leaves open the possibility that their product, in concentrate form, had been fed to their nephew. Or certain ingredients had been part of an illegal dogfighting competition. Who knows?

  • the time has come to say goodnight to all our company - I think I was done with stuff to ramble about, anyway. Plus, I'm exhausted, like I mentioned way up top. Tomorrow, hopefully, will see me get the new sink in, with the faucet and drain. (With no leaks this time!)


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