Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

As seen on http://www.penny-arcade.com :

Chore Wars, a role playing (?) fantasy (sort of?) game (um?). It's a website you sign into, and create a "party" of adventurers, which is a thin abstraction over the folks you live with and share household responsibilities with. You get to create a list of "adventures", a fictional wrapper around common household tasks. (I set up laundry tasks and doing the dishes, for example.)

As your character goes on these "adventures", you fight monsters (which don't seem to be related to anything, just there to make the narrative vaguely compelling), collect gold and treasure (conceivably could be used as extra rewards for doing chores - maybe 100 gold could be traded in for an extra dollar's worth of allowance next week, or the Cryptic Codex of Recycling could be traded away for reprieve from garbage duty one week).

If I had a bunch of roommates who were more excited about leveling up than taking out the trash, this might be a spoonful of sugar, making the humdrum a little more exciting.

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