Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

dribbling on

... except that fortunately, there's no dribbling - yet.

So, I have much bigger plans for the bathroom than I'm going to pull off on this round. I think I decided to call "Phase 1" the work I did with the sink and towel bars. "Phase 2" is a little bit of work with the tub. "Phase 3" is the big stuff that I won't get around to for a while, starting with a new tub, tile for floors and walls, new vanity cabinetry, new countertop... I think that's about it. Oh, a new door, too. Why not?

So, I called Phase 1 complete, just to call something complete. I'm aground right now in the middle of Phase 2. Part of the problem is this guy:

That there's a copper pipe. In context:

It's the pipe that's supposed to hook up to the tub spigoty thing. I should know the names for these things. It's where the water comes out. The trick is that my new spigoty thing expects a threaded (1/2" IPS) connection. I got some adaptor-y stuff from Home Depot a while ago, and it adapts from my unthreaded copper pipe to the threaded connection, I'm just missing about an inch of pipe to connect from one side to the other. Actually, come to think of it, I just figured out that there's one more flangy bit that I wasn't considering, and that adds let's say another half inch.

So, in frustration, I ripped out the old shower head:

and replaced it with the new one:

The only problem right now is that it's a little low. This was taken at eye level:

I could knock teeth out with it there. When I get to phase 3, I'll probably bump it up a foot or more, so a reasonable sized person could wash their hair without killing their back.


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