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Dave LeCompte (really)

So, most of you are reading through LiveJournal, I'm sure. Maybe there's some RSS reflector that bounces the page off a mirror on the moon, sets up harmonic diffraction patterns which get transcribed into Morse Code and printed out on a Telex machine. BUY STANDARD OIL. STOP. BREAKING NEWS FROM THE MIDEAST - TENSIONS INCREASE. STOP.

Ok, for those of you using LiveJournal (not to say that LJ is the pinnacle of technology, it's just the technology I'm familiar with), you're seeing the icon. Who knows what Mr. Telex is seeing. Probably a smudge indicating it's time to replace the daisy wheel print ribbon. Did daisy wheel printers have ribbons? Can you still buy replacement ink-dispensing devices for obsolete printers?

The icon here, you recognize it - it's a snippet from the iPod Shuffle "Jerk it Out" commercial. I actually bought the song on iTunes based on the catchiness of the song and the catchiness of the commercial. The two are commingled in my head to a degree that I can't really separate the two. It's like how I can't say if I really like "Take On Me" as a song, or if the video really sold it.

Some of my icons I don't care for as much as this one. Maybe they're suitable for a narrow range of subject matter. Maybe there was a joke associated with it that's not funny now. This one is evergreen (ha!) - the chick runs up to the camera and is totally willing to surrender herself to the dance. Also, I'm pretty sure she's hot. You can't see that, what with her being a silhouette in a 100x100 pixel image, but in my mind, she's totally selling iPods, if you know what I mean. I mean that she's in a commercial selling iPods.

Speaking of dance, and I really meant to be speaking of dance when I started this post, but I've been launching off on these absurd stream of consciousness jags up to this point, why stop now? Speaking of dance, I've been taking dance classes off and on for a while now. Actually, I took my first dance class back in the heyday of The Zone, if anybody remembers back that far. I blew off the final lesson of a 10-night class to pick up a Zoner at the airport. I don't think you know who you are, and don't worry about it - I've made up for missing that class in the intervening years.

Since then, I've picked up a couple moves. I know my Waltz from my elbow. I don't mind getting up with a friend or a stranger at a wedding reception or a live performance in the park. I'm not actually GOOD, I'd say, but I'm getting comfortable. That's something. Tonight, I started two new classes; West Coast Swing and (American?) Tango. Before the class started, I had to fill out a form - my name, my contact information, the dances I was interested in, and my level of ability. I left the level of ability bit blank. Like I say, I don't think I'm good. I've practiced some of these dances before, and I've forgotten more steps than a lot of people will ever know.

Just tonight, I learned three steps/moves in each of West Coast Swing and Tango, including some sort of "basic" in each. Now, I've seen both of these dances before, I've been introduced to them in brief demi-classes before social dances, so they're not completely new to me. But I'm really not good at either one of these dances. I guess that's a perfect reason to take the class - it's good to learn new things.

Was I going to make some sort of point when I got this far? Hm, I can't recall what I intended to say, if I had something specific in mind. I'm happy to say I'm learning new things. I'm happy to say I've already learned bits that I hadn't known before and I might actually be able to put to use on a dance floor. Maybe this weekend. I'm looking forward to the next session. I need to practice between now and then - probably beyond just going dancing this weekend.

And, I don't think that I've made this post nearly as geeky as most of my posts, so I'll admit this one thing; I've been maintaining a private Wiki to help organize random notes: from To Do lists to ideas for projects to things I want to buy when I have a little more money to web pages of manufacturers of doors I might install in my bathroom. I mention this because in this Wiki, I've also been jotting down notes about the dances I know. It's nowhere near the same thing as muscle memory, but writing something down helps me clarify my thoughts, even if I never read my own notes (this is how I got through college - took lots of notes, almost never read them). And, hey, sometimes it's good to remind yourself about stuff you do know.

I think I'm going to pull this train of thought over to the side of the road (would "the spur rail line" be more fitting? Someone's been playing too much of the Sid Meier's Railroads demo on Steam) about this point, and not belabor a "stream of consciousness" connection to a fluid dynamics paper I read recently, nor go into any detail about the half-dream I had this morning where I saw a woman I'm pretty sure I know, but I don't recall how I would know her - if she was the girlfriend of a friend, or maybe if she was actually a character on a TV show. That's the chaos going on inside my skull.

If you've read this far, congratulations. You win one churros. Churro? I should know the basic grammatical structure of my fictional prizes. Wikipedia says the singular is "churro", but in my mind they are social animals, like Mentos. Or M&Ms. Man, I'd sure like some churros.

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