Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The screenshots don't really tell the story, but I got back to working on my computer role-playing game:

What's going on is that I added "animation" - when you move a unit from space to space, it takes one second to get there, rather than just popping into place like it used to. It's not the kind of animation you're thinking of, where the character's arms and legs move realistically; I'm sticking with the boardgame-ish look for the time being, so a character's counter is a static piece of geometry.

I also cleaned up a bug that had been lurking around since the last time I touched this code, where killing a zombie would cause the initiative display (not seen in these screenshots) would attempt to draw off the end of a list. That means I'm capable of "playing" the game - killing zombies and trying not to get killed, myself.

It's not a very satisfying game, yet - there's no sound effects, and the only way to tell how much damage anybody's doing is to watch the debug output. I think my party leader was down to one hit point by the end of my last game.

Next: fix a bug where units don't turn as part of their moves.
After that: make the AI a little smarter (doesn't have to be much smarter, but I want to pull in some of the structure from here).

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