Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


As pointed out by the lovely and talented moonlightnrain, I left at least one bug in last night's build (I honestly thought I had fixed it, but I only halfway cleaned up some logic).

The new build has 16 levels (really, 16 buttons, most of which take you to the same level) and an extended intro sequence.

There's still much to do:

  • more work setting up the levels - the crate requirements and the ball color distribution isn't hooked up yet.
  • lose conditions - right now, you can beat a level, but you can't lose. I intend to add in an error counter and a clock. The trick will be to choose penalties that make the game challenging, but not too hard.
  • level design - my levels are pretty simple, and I have designed 4 so far - cranking out 16 should be easy
  • level select screen - it's user-hostile right now.
  • pause menu - when switching away from the screen, a menu should pop up to say the game's been paused.
  • level introductions - just little dialog boxes with flavor text, also will be the bulk of the tutorial.
  • sounds - the game's got music, but no sounds. Should be easy, just gotta do it.
  • colorblindness patterns - Some folks have difficulty discerning different colors. I'm going to give them a key to press to add in patterns.
  • character portraiture - My "Woody Tigerbaum" portrait needs to be reworked. I've got a "Tess Turmoil" sketch that I plan to use. I also need to make a "Tutorial Timmy" and "Tyger Blake" portrait. Almost as though I were an artist.

Is that it? Probably not. The game doesn't need to be done before 5pm Saturday, so I think I'm in good shape.

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