Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


Don't look too closely, in between Tutorial Tim and Tess Turmoil, you'll see Robert Patrick. There's nothing wrong about Robert Patrick, he just doesn't know he's in my game. And he won't be, once I do another hour of PhotoShop scribbling.

I made a task list, with priorities. I knocked off a few things tonight:

  • played and tuned all the levels - they're all finishable, some are hard. That's the idea. Some aren't hard. That's good, too.
  • buttons click - not important, but it feels good that buttons click when you, uh, click them.
  • press 'S' to toggle sound
  • press 'M' to toggle music - some people play at work.
  • press 'Y' to invert the mouse - some systems are screwy.
  • press 'C' to... well, the pattern-assist for colorblind people will be in soonish, and 'C' is the way you'd activate that.
  • scribbly portrait of Tutorial Tim. Goes along with the scribbly portrait of Turmoil Tess. Woody and Tyger Blake remain. I'm getting better at scribbly portraits. In that I can turn them out faster. They're still scribbly.

According to my spreadsheet, I have 16 hours of work left to do, and that's counting 3 1/2 hours of stuff I may blow off.

REMINDER if you want to send me voice clips, my gmail address is tsmaster. I would like to have them by Friday afternoon. Thank you very much!

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