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Thanks! - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
September 7th, 2007
07:46 am


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Thanks to everybody who's sent in voices! Each one of them is great - I've found myself laughing at what you folks have brought to these people that were just wispy figments of my imagination yesterday.

I do have a little bit of doubling up of voices, so what I'll do is have them a little like radio stations, or DVD audio tracks - if the player wants to switch over to a different voice, they can hit 'v' and tune to the next channel over. I know, I'd be a terrible director, having to pick ONE person for a part. Everyone's so great, I want to use everything you fine people have given me.

Also, if you were thinking of sending in voices, I can still use more - everyone brings a new flavor to the stew, a new personality to the party.

You guys rock!

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