Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


Ok, responses in no particular order:

  • inexplicably holding Play-Doh - come ON. It's Play-doh. It's meant to be held. It's not "leave at home-doh".
  • Star Simpson - back in my day, I'd have said that was a made up name. Kids these days, though, I don't know.
  • shocked and appalled - yes and no. What kind of an idiot would wear a protoboard with LEDs on it? Oh, that's right, there's an entire campus full of them. Maybe Maj. Scott Pare, the airport's commanding officer, doesn't get over to Cambridge very often.
  • fake bomb - please, let's maintain a distinction here between "device intended to scare people" and "device that some people assumed was explosive". Also, if you were actually going to make a fake bomb, that is, a device that you intended people to think was explosive, you wouldn't use green LEDs - you'd use a red 7-segment display counting down to zero (think the timer on "24"). Perhaps some red cardboard cylinders that suggest dynamite, even if that is a quaint and cartoonish choice of explosive.
  • shocked and appalled (again) - Yeah, come on, who would wear flashing light gizmos on their clothing into an airport? Only about 50% of all kids with the blinkinlights shoes, right?
  • under arrest at submachine gunpoint - even if it's an overreaction, and I believe it is, a useful motto might be: DON'T FRIGHTEN THE MEN WITH THE GUNS.

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