Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Woody Tigerbaum's Twisted Marble Factory: #4 out of 50 individual entries

Ah, well. Like I keep telling myself, I do this to complete a game, not to win the contest.

Quite a few people found the game boring, tedious, or slow. To the extent that I plan to address that, I have thought about adding in a "pneumatic boost", like the "drop now" key in Tetris that would speed up the balls in the tubes.

Several folks thought it didn't measure up to the quality of the space golf game. Hard to compare, I guess. I think this game has more replayability, but so it goes.

A few folks didn't like the voices or the music. To each his own. 'S' or 'M' turns them off.

On the upside, some folks had good things to say:

  • funny voices, funny style, as always :)
  • The voices, sound and music really add to the game. The idea is pretty cool.
  • Followed theme very well. Easy gameplay, very quick to pick up.
  • The thing that impressed me the most about this game (which impressed quite a bit) was the two-dimensional system of levels. It impresses me because it's often an afterthought in timed contests like this--most people are happy with one level. The gameplay was superb: fun and challenging. The graphics are nice looking. The rings helped playability a lot. I noted no rough edges. This would be my vote for the winner.
  • I like the production of this game, It's very innovative.
  • Very fun and innovative game! I love it!
  • Very good game, worthy of Woody Tigerbaum.
  • Another fine production from Big Dice studios...
  • Really good idea, nice production. Enjoyed playing.
  • Easy to get into, hard to beat. Actually fun! Great music with some great vocal samples too.
  • Nice puzzle game. Really works with the theme!
  • Nicely produced, and quite fun!
  • I find the colorblind switch to be a touch of style.
  • It's a great game. The most fun at the moment.
  • What a great game. The story of the game pervades the experience and makes the simple game make sense. What a fun concept, good ties to the theme!
  • I like the graphics and the overall "polished" look. The fact that it's always challenging and the background "story" adds up to an interesting game.

So, lots of positive strokes.

I ended up with (out of 5)
Fun: 3.1
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.5

One last bit of positive spin: it's a minor triumph that my production score is the best of the three - I focused specifically on improving this over my last entry, including working on music and graphics, so mission accomplished.


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