Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Television Commercials that Amuse Me

Nothing weighty, just thought I'd mention:

  • Chippadopplay - Jack in the Box has some fine commercials in general - the earnest deadpan spokesman is right on target. I especially love the commercial that announced the chipotle sandwich, where Jack was trying to buy peppers in a market, and was completely unable to pronounce it. Squiggly mouth.
  • Egg McMuffin - not as much, but the current McDonalds Monopoly commercials with the chick that won an Egg McMuffin after she bought an Egg MgMuffin - "weird!".
  • Janie Porche saves Christmas - this was part of Apple's 'switch' campaign. Janie plugged her bluetooth camera into her iBook, and Dad was stuck downloading drivers all Christmas for his Windows PC. Poor dad.
  • Erin Esurance - The secret agent chick (reminiscent of Kim Possible, reminiscent of Samurai Jack...) that wants you to Quote, Buy, Print. Granted, hair that color doesn't occur in nature... on this planet.
  • Sonic - I don't even know where the nearest Sonic is. But their commercials with the husband and wife tickle me. "You know who would love this? Your CRANmother. She should meet my CRANt. They'd have a great CRANversation."
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