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So, I read "Defective Yeti"'s blog, at first because he's a local guy that talks about boardgames, but mostly now because he's got snarky things to say in a funny way.

A while ago he came up with the idea that writing a book in a month was crazy, how about a more manageable challenge of reading a book in a month? Is that even a challenge? I know, for myself, that finishing anything is a challenge. So, ok, he's got his NaNoReMo project. This year's challenge: Read Catch 22.


If you're happier thinking of it as "a community reads a book at the same time", that might also be a good take on the project.

I took a run at reading the book years ago, having borrowed a copy from a friend who was at one time the roommate of a woman who I was dating. Did I borrow the book while I was dating the roommate? I don't recall. I can pin the borrowing of the book down to college, if a four-year span counts as "pinning down" an event. The timespan of the dating can be narrowed down substantially further than that, but that's not important now.

Did I ever give the book back? I can't recall. I'm sure I don't know where it is these days. The woman I borrowed the book from used to work down the road at one of those big companies that makes game consoles, operating systems, office software, and music players. It would have been convenient for me to have read the book then, dropped her a short email saying 'hey, I've got your book, can I we meet up for lunch to catch up and get me rid of this albatross?'. Last I heard, she was back on the other coast. So it goes. No, that's Slaughterhouse Five.

Anyway, I thought a few of my friends out there (nobody in particular, just saying you're a literary, and at least literate, group) might dig this.


Unrelated nuggets:

  • art imitates life imitates... - I read the XKCD comic, because stick figures are funny. And, as it turns out, geeky. There's a secondary feed which occasionally has some commentary (like the director's audio track on a DVD), which can be fun. A bit ago, there was a comic where one character asserted that all crazy niche interest groups were already served by the internet. "Not so!" decried another character - pointing out the lack of shower/guitar art. And so WetRiffs was born. IT IS NOT WORK SAFE, which I rarely have to point out with stuff I link to. I think I'm most amused at the trajectory from webcomic to photo-site. Indeed, THIS is entertaining in a similar way.
  • I don't read Blender for the word usements it structures - Listening to the radio last night, I heard a guy from Blender Magazine interviewed about the top 40 (heh) worst lyricists in pop music. The top(?) spot was awarded to Sting. Bah, I'll grant that he's literary / spiritual / political, but I don't see that as especially relevant to the quality of lyrics. Some of the imagery is strained - the writer seemed to object to "Synchronicity I"'s packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, which I actually appreciate. Ok, so Sting isn't Cole Porter. You know what? Almost nobody is Cole Porter. Cole Porter stopped being Cole Porter a while ago. Sting is Sting. You don't want references to Nabokov or rain forests, Hanson might be a better choice.

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