Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I went to an animation festival last night: http://www.2dornot2d.org/index.html

A couple ex-coworker folks and I met up and pointed my car through an hour of rush hour traffic (that is, towards downtown Everett) and walked into the Historic New Everett Theater as the guy was taking the stage to welcome the audience. The Theater is a pretty nice space - I'd like to come back someday and see a play or a classic movie there.

The animation started out with something like a dozen short films, mostly student films. And, if by 'student film', you think of workmanlike animation quality with typically no story, you'd be right. And if you think of bizarre, unpleasant, nigh-unwatchable exercises, you're probably thinking of The Inn of Floating Imagery. Maybe it's just so good that it's beyond my capabilities to measure. Afterwards, there were three women who spoke about their experiences in animation, starting with a woman who had gone through CalArts with Lassiter and Bird, had done some work on Treasure Planet, Hercules, and is now teaching. Next up was a program manager on Project Gotham Racing 4, which I guess had some animation in it. Finally, a woman who's been working at Pixar talked about diving in to animation without any background in it.

Afterwards, we made a late-night stop at Wal-mart, where one of my buddies got a hard-to-find copy of Guitar Hero 3.

So, everyone was happy.

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