Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

NaNoReMo: cheated

I think I sufficiently covered this last month, but Defective Yeti mentioned in his blog that people are dropping out of NaNoReMo 2007.

The goal, for those that don't recall, is to read Catch 22 over the month of November, and now that I think about it, provide periodic updates. Well, I got a head start on it back in October, and then got tangled up in absurd bureaucratic airline snafus on both legs of my vacation, which proved the perfect impetus to get a bunch of reading done about absurd bureaucratic snafus imposed upon airmen of WWII.

So, I finished the book early, and haven't been providing updates. Thus defeating the NaNoReMo intent. Oops.

pages read: all (100%)
funniest bit: hm, there were amusing pieces - and when Defective Yeti likens the writing style to Milne, Adams, and Abbot & Costello, he's not wrong, but perhaps I've become inured to that form of humor. At no point did I laugh out loud at this book - which is asking a lot, I concede.
desire to read the sequel: somewhere between little and none
desire to see the movie: Some. I've heard people say good things about the performances and the casting. And I've been making progress through my goal of seeing the "must see" movies. Oddly, however, my NetFlix queue is still just about full.
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