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Dave LeCompte (really)

ZooCube? Meh.

  • ZooCube - So, I mentioned earlier that I've signed up for GameFly. I got my first games last night when I returned home. It took a little bit of thinking to figure out how to open their mailers, but Lo and/or Behold, I had two new (to me) games to try out. It turns out that ZooCube is Tetris. I wrote a bigger review of it here, in case you like half-awake scribblings, or are thinking about shelling out money for a Tetris clone.

    This game is on its way back to Gamefly after spending about 12 hours in my house. Use that as a metric if you like.

  • Cookie and Cream - The second game in the mailbox last night. This one deserves a little more attention than ZooCube, so I haven't returned it yet, but it's got one novel thing going on; you control two characters. Imagine playing two games of Crash Bandicoot simultaneously on the same controller. Oh, and every now and then, one character hits an obstacle that the other character needs to remove.

    Needless to say, the cooperative mode where two players can play with separate controllers seems like an interesting alternative to try out.

  • Out of Order - On Sunday, my folks and I went to this play at Bremerton Community Theatre. It turns out that the playwright, Ray Cooney, also wrote "Run for your Wife", a farce that I was in back in Nashua, NH. And one thing I've learned about farces is once you've seen two or three of them, you've seen pretty much all of them. Out of Order had the running around, the barely-dressed women, the physical humor, and of course, the obligatory Vicar reference. It was fun, and I laughed out loud on a couple of occasions, but I left disappointed. Perhaps I wasn't in a mood for a farce, perhaps I've seen enough of the genre to hold me for the rest of my life, or perhaps I'm in some odd way still grieving the loss of John Ritter.

    One good word to say, though: the fun part in this play is definitely the role of the Parliamentary Personal Secretary (?), the assistant to arguably the lead character. The PPS actor got to do most of the running around, and a good deal of the falling over furniture. There's a couple lifeless bodies to be hauled around the stage, and by the end of the show, the character was at his wits end, and the actor did a fine job of portraying the fraying nerves so necessary for the farce playing out.

    Hm, speaking of the ending, there really wasn't so much of one. People bowed and we left, so I guess it was all right.

  • 1000 Blank White Cards - I've mentioned this game before, I believe, and I'm still enchanted by it. I decided to play around with the rules of the game and invited some of my friends to make up a deck of cards and bring them to a boardgame party I had last Saturday. As the site mentions, there's no really good way to play this game competitively - you just can't take the game that seriously. One of the cards I played forced a player to tag out and get somebody else to take his place, and some creative interpretation of other cards got him a new seat so he could keep on playing. As it turned out, the game ended up won by the woman who was pulled in unawares.
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