Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

If one igniter for your furnace is good, having two installed in one week's time, that's gotta be better.

Fingers crossed, this second one won't burn out in 24 hours.

So, yeah. When I got home on Wednesday, the house was 60 degrees. Not terrible, and perfectly comfortable for outdoor activities. Strangely, what's comfortable outside isn't comfortable inside, so I called the people who installed the furnace two years ago, and their phones had been disconnected. So I found another local company, and a guy came out early Thursday afternoon, and everything was fine...

...for about 24 hours - meaning my house was cold again Friday night. And the furnace people were out for the weekend.

Today at 8am, I called them up and the office lady said that somebody'd be out by noon. Probably.

So, at 2, the guy showed up and installed a new igniter. As I was waiting, UPS showed up and gave me a copy of Guitar Hero 3. Which is cool, but less playable with cold hands.

It had got down to 46 degrees in the house by the time the heat came back on, and all the way back up to 56 by the time I left the house to finally go in to work.

Whee. I think my cheeks are frostbit. Or something. They're rosy red and cute. Moreso than usual, even.

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