Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I got a postcard from my county auditor, saying that I should read the directions when the mail-in primary ballots get to me, because they're complicated.

Turns out, Washington's doing both a primary and a caucus. Because, sure, why not? A mail in primary, I can get behind that, I guess. Not a lot of rigmarole, pomp, or circumstance. Just get the job done, thanks. So, wait, what's the value of the caucus, then?

Oh, it turns out that the Republicans are basing 51% of their delegates on the primary and 49% on the primary. Ok, that's... weird, but fine. And the Democrats... 100% on the caucus, and the primary seems to be a waste of everybody's time and money as near as I can tell.

Speaking of things that the parties are doing that infuriate me: many of the Republican candidates are being accused of disenfranchising the poor by suggesting we require government issued IDs for voters. I can understand that not everybody has a driver's license, but I'm not convinced that a photo ID is an unreasonable requirement. If vampires were disproportionately poor, or disproportionately Democrat, I could see some valid complaints about photo IDs, but if anything, they live in opulent castles, feeding on the misery of others. Doesn't sound like the Democratic Party platform.

However, the news has been full of reporting that Florida Democrats don't get a primary this year because the national parties disagree with Florida's decision to move their primary date forward. So, Florida thinks that it's not getting enough attention in presidential politics (ahem, where have they been for the past several elections?) and they attempt to get a more fair position, and in so doing, they lose their representation? How is that not disenfranchisement of an entire state? I guess that because it's Democrats cheating Democrats out of votes, it's OK.
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