Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

So, I got email today from Will Wright Electronic Arts, saying the following:

Hi, I’m Will Wright and I’m working on a new game called Spore™.
You’ve heard of it? Oh, that’s right, you signed up to get the Official
Spore Newsletter. According to my notes, we haven’t sent a single newsletter
out. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hearing from so many fans wanting some
new information on Spore.

Something's clearly infected Will's speech centers, because he seems to be spouting HTML escape sequences. I guess that can happen when you're working hard on a game.

The subject of the email is "Spore's Release Date Announced!", so I scan through the email for the release date. Huh, I guess the email is just to announce that the date is announced. It doesn't have any directly interesting information.

So, I go to Spore.com, and I'm prompted to select my language. I select "United States", because that's the language I learned as a kid.

There's a big banner button inviting me to check out the spore Launch Date Announcement - gee, guys, do I have to click to get that information? Couldn't you have put the information in that button, instead? Guess not. Click.

Crap, now I need to install Quicktime to view the launch date announcement movie. Guys? Really? REALLY?

I go to Wikipedia, and they say that EA has a policy about not announcing release dates. Ok, sure.

And so, I install Quicktime and go back to Spore.com. The quicktime movie loads (after a while... gotta download this in the high-res mode), and I see a flashy "EA" logo. And a flashy "Maxis" logo. And, hey, a flashy Spore logo. And then "Sep 7, 2008". And that's it.

Dammit, guys, that's nice to know, but it's hard to imagine making that one piece of information harder to get to.
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