Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The Weekend So Far

Ooof, I'm pooped. But, hey, there's still a whole half the weekend left. Plus a bit.

  • Work - I was exhausted from a long, busy week. And a bit disappointed, because I was hoping to have got more done by the end of Friday for a milestone delivery of our project that's going out on Monday. Oh, well - there's always the weekend. Sort of. I did manage to leave the office by 7pm, which borders on civilized.
  • Urinetown - the opening of the musical at Second Story Repertory Theatre. I'm not a huge musical fan, but I've seen a few here and there. And this one sends them all up. References to Les Mis, West Side Story, Sweeney Todd, Cats, and I've been told more than a dozen more. I got a "It's a Wonderful Life" reference, but that's not a musical.
  • Post-show-hanging-out - there was a bit of an open cast party after the show - anybody who wanted to hang out in the lobby of the theatre was welcome to eat cake and have champagne or cider with the cast and crew. That's nice. After that, I was about ready to take off, and happened to walk out about the same time as some of the cool kids, and they invited me to join them at Red Robin. (Aside: I've got a rogue samurai themed restaurant chain idea. I'd call it Red Ronin. I'd only have to change on letter on the signs if I could buy abandoned Red Robin restaurants. Just a thought.) Fries and nachos and salads and chicken fingers (but how do they ask questions?) were eaten. And then RR thanked us for our business and invited us to let them turn the lights off. So we joined back up with the other party, which had migrated from the lobby of the theatre, to a nearby restaurant. By the time I got home, it was 2ish.
  • More work - bright and early, got in to the office. We've got an open floor plan and an MP3 server that plays throughout the office. So, since I was the only one there, I got to blast my 80s music without scorn. I tried hard to make progress on the stuff that didn't get finished by Friday. Minor progress, mostly I learned to appreciate the complexity of Adobe Flash.
  • Memorial Service - I had to leave work after only a few hours to make it to a ... no, I can't not make the "Heathers" reference. I had to motor to get to the funeral on time. Except it was a memorial service. Am I making the proper distinction? I got there in plenty of time. The service was for Virginia, a woman who was something like an adopted grandmother of mine, and indeed, lived for most of her adult life just a few doors down from my grandparents. The community that included Orville and Virginia, my grandparents, and several other families of that generation - the community really was a tight group of friends - marriages that typically lasted 50 years, kids that grew up together, and community/church/school ties. I'm probably painting it with an idyllic brush, but listening to people remembering Virginia reminded me how powerful community can be. And how fortunate my dad was to grow up in that kind of a neighborhood.
  • Dinner with the folks - the memorial service was in Bremerton, which meant I had a good 2 hours to get back home, so an early dinner was a pleasant way to spend time with family and stretch the time in Bremerton out a little longer. I still ended up spending more time traveling to and from than at the actual destination.
  • Anti-Midas With Machinery - One of my monitors seems to be broken, and for a while, the PC I'm on would boot up and turn off just about at the end of the boot sequence. I also noticed as I was driving around earlier in the weekend that the only window in the car that would roll down was the driver's window. I swapped power cables for the PC, so it's no longer on the UPS, which doesn't seem like a good idea, but it got the thing booting successfully (of course, as here I am typing on it now). I also figured out that I had at some point pressed a security button in my car that locked the windows from rolling down. Pressing it again fixed my problem. The monitor still seems dead. I'll take it in to Staples and get a pittance towards some CD-Rs, or something.
  • Dancing - as exhausted as I was (am), I promised myself that I would go out dancing tonight. There's a place that does Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa, and so on, not too far from me. I'm out of practice on most of this stuff, but I danced some, and had a good time.
  • Work Email - and when I got home, I checked my work email account, and found the "all clear" from the boss, including instructions for nobody to come in to work tomorrow. Which is a relief, of course. I've made a promise to myself to make at least a little progress on one of my Crazy Clever Puzzle book projects that I've been dabbling at. There's probably another few hours of work before I can reasonably call it a second draft of the book, and if I applied myself, I could have that ready for interested folk (you know who you are) to review by the end of the weekend.
  • No PyWeek - I had participated in this game creation contest a while ago, actually two different times. You'll remember Woody Tigerbaum and packages and marbles. Maybe. That same competition is running again this next week. I'm not participating. If I felt like doing a very very small game, I might decide to do something small just to keep my foot in the door. But I've realized that most of the participants there value PyWeek for different reasons than I do, which is mostly fine, except that when it comes to judging, I realize I'm making a game that satisfies my criteria, and I judge my game accordingly, and a large enough majority of people have a different idea of what makes a good PyWeek game, so what I consider to be inferior (according to my specific criteria) games end up winning the competition. In part, I have tried to tell myself that the important part is the challenge, not the judging, but when the rankings come out, I know I end up disappointed. Even aside from my dissatisfaction with the judging, I just don't have the energy for a game-in-a-week right now. Maybe sometime soon, I'll do something like it, but I could do it without the competition framework. That'd reduce my frustration, but it'd also reduce my pressure to finish something.


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