Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Puzzles for the Rich


Woo! It appears that you can order my puzzle book in TWO new ways. So, now:

  • NEW you can order it from Amazon for $16.99, but it's "temporarily out of stock". I suspect that this means that if you order it from Amazon, Amazon orders it from Lulu, and tells you when they get a copy. No sense in keeping copies on hand.

  • NEW you can drill down to the "New and Used" part of the book's page on Amazon, and discover that for $22.51 plus $3.99 shipping (and handling, I would imagine), you can buy it from "THE_BOOK_DEPOSITORY_". What an odd collection of capitals and underscores. And price.

  • or, you could order it from Lulu for $16.99. Presumably, a little bit faster than you could get it from Amazon.

  • or, you could order the SPIRAL BOUND one from Lulu for $10. That's almost like saving $7. Buy two and go to a movie. Buy four and go to dinner beforehand. It's like a money factory.

I'm not seeing it listed on bn.com. Interestingly, borders.com says that they have it "in stock", which I'm disinclined to believe, as borders.com seems to be a wrapper around amazon.com.

I find it slightly interesting that since the last I checked, the "Product Details" on Amazon (and Borders, if you like) has changed the book's length from 205 to 208 pages, perhaps reflecting the fact that Amazon got new information from a distributor and are counting the pages a little differently now.

Perhaps someday soon, I'll have a new draft of the Word Sudoku book to go along with all these kakuro puzzles. I think that would require playing less Civilization.
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