Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

Vote for the Goat!

Goat Panorama

A while ago, when I was more single-mindedly pursuing my Mary Stuart Masterson fixation, I watched a documentary where she walks on the beach and discusses her political views. Briefly. Robert Downey Jr. scampers around and pretends to be a goat at one point.

It made sense at the time, I suggest.

More recently, my neighbor rented a herd of goats from a friend of his for a while to clear out a patch of blackberry vines at the end of his property. If you're not from around here, blackberries are the kudzu of the Northwest. Sort of. Sure, the fruit make fine pies and jams and jellies. Heck, I'm a Citizens for Boysenberry Jam Fan. But they choke out native and more attractive plants. I have them interwoven within several of my rhododendrons, not to mention the fruit trees that I generally neglect on the front side of my yard.

Which brings me to the front side of my yard. I currently have thirty-two (count 'em!) goats fenced in the front of my yard, chowing down on my blackberry vines, and a fair amount of my uncut grass. They're not tearing up the knickknick, or whatever it is that's the low ground cover that would be a fine plant to cover up the side of the drainage ditch, if it weren't for all the grass and blackberries that covered up the knickknick. If that's even what it is. They're also not eating my rhododendrons. This is good for me, it's good for the goats, it's good for the rhododendrons. They're even more not eating the trees. As far as I can tell. I'd actually be fine if they decided to eat some of the low-hanging branches of the trees. I'd prefer that they go after the blackberries, and, like some fiendishly focused smart-weapon, they seem to be preferring exactly the stuff I don't want.

Cartoons to the contrary, I haven't seen any of them eating tin cans.

I've taken over 200 pictures so far, only a smidgen of which are up on Flickr.

Looking at the above picture, you can't really see the goats. You can sort of see the portable electric (low voltage! I checked!) fence. If you look at the following picture, it should be easier to make out a goat:

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