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Movies to watch when you're biking

Or not - I have recently moved my stationary bike from the dining room to the living room, and now I can watch TV, DVDs, or even streamed NetFlix movies, one would imagine. Except that I don't have a Windows PC in the living room that's hooked up. If I took the 8 minutes to rejigger the cables, I could set up a Windows PC to feed S-Video signals to the projector, and suck down movies from NetFlix over my slow Internet. Bah, DVDs work just as well.

Yesterday morning, as I was on my daily bike ride around the living room, the bike told me that the battery power was low. Yeesh, I only put the batteries in a week ago, maybe less. Normally, I have the thing plugged in to the wall, but I cleaned up the dining room, and in so doing, moved the bike, and put the power cord in some good place, presumably where I'd remember it.

Turns out, no. I spent several hours last night sifting through piles of papers, old mail, books, and the detritus in my house, and after a long while, I thought to look in the hall closet, and that's where the power cord had been all along. So now I have a power cord. I'm still disappointed that the batteries didn't last very long - maybe they were old batteries, which I doubt, or maybe the bike wasn't designed to run on battery power, which is also hard to swallow, since the power adapter was an optional accessory.

Or, maybe, just maybe, they don't expect people to use the bike on a daily basis.

Anyway, the ostensible point of this ramble was to mention two movies that had been hogging space on the TiVo, which I watched in the past few days. While biking.

New York Cop - Starring Mira Sorvino as Maria, the Puerto Rican scrap metal sculptor. Her character's brother's the head of a rough and tumble street gang, who is involved in weapons trafficking. Enter an undercover cop from San Francisco who "knows martial arts". Lots of kicking and shooting goes by, and the bad guys blow up, and Maria gets her art shown at a gallery. Based on a true story.

Bleh. I'm pretty sure I've watched this movie before - I remember most of Mira Sorvino's scenes, but just about none of the rest. Well, all the rest of the movie were unremarkable, interchangeable, uninspired scenes that I've seen in any number of other action movies, so I might have forgotten them, or maybe I fast forwarded through them. It hardly matters, but perhaps in writing this post, I'll remember not to watch this movie the next time TiVo chooses to record it.

Mira Sorvino does a fine job with what she's given, but she hardly comes across as one on the periphery of a Puerto Rican gang - perhaps she chose to go in the direction of someone trying to make it in the big city, leaving most of her ethnic trappings behind.

Angel of Death - Starring Mira Sorvino as Maria, the Spanish police investigator. Honestly, people. I also watched Barcelona a while ago, where she plays Marta, the Catalan... something. She's not Catalan, not Spanish, not Puerto Rican. She's an attractive, accomplished actress, but she's from New Jersey.

This one's also pretty forgettable. One thing that'd be of interest, let's say, if you were interested in watching Spanish movies in Spanish, would be to see if you could get your hands on the original; "Semana Santa" - I'm curious to know if this movie was originally filmed in Spanish and then dubbed into English. There are bits where the English is off. And then, if it was dubbed, did Mira Sorvino dub herself? I hoped that IMDB would answer these questions, but I got nothing. The most likely thing I can come up with is that they did something like the job that was done on Mad Max, where Mel Gibson was speaking with such a thick Australian accent that his lines had to be dubbed into American.

I've got more movies waiting for me, including Human Trafficking, with Donald Sutherland, Robert Carlyle and wha?! Mira Sorvino again? This time she's playing Kate, which sounds like a triumph of getting out of the Maria/Marta typecast.

I might hold off on that. Gang members getting beat up by gang members, ritual murders in Spain, that's all fun, but human trafficking sounds pretty grim to watch while I'm on my virtual bike ride.

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