Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The end of a season

I don't need to tell you to vote. You probably already have. Or, you're on your way.

Or, perhaps, you're of the opinion that the candidates that are on the top of the ballot don't deserve your vote, so maybe you'll just skip it this year. I'd suggest that even if that's the case, there are probably other parts of the ballot that would benefit from your attention, so going through the process is still a good thing. But, it's probably too late to sway you on this subject.

I have one request. The results are - by definition - going to be a polarizing moment. However strongly you believe in your issue, try to remember that the people that voted differently from you are good people, too. I'm not saying there's moral equivalence on all questions, but remember that most people aren't voting from a place of sloth, greed, cowardice, or vice. You don't agree with them, but let's try to respect that divisive issues don't usually break down along lines of good and evil - there will be good people on both sides that deserve dignity.
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