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Stuff done this weekend - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
March 9th, 2009
09:02 am


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Stuff done this weekend
Starting Friday afternoon:

  • Watchmen - I saw this at the Pacific Science Center IMAX screen. I'm a little disappointed that the science center is given to showing mainstream films on its big screen to make a buck. I'm also a little disappointed that this presentation wasn't tailored to the IMAX experience - it was clearly in the CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which left the horizontal letterbox spaces on the top and bottom of the screen. The last movie I saw there (Batman something) was tailored to the IMAX screen, clearly giving better definition with a larger film stock.

    Those quibbles aside, it was a fun movie. Not super (ahem) terrific, run out now and see it again and again. Still, good. I had read the graphic novel for the first time back in October, and what was on the screen came directly from the book. There was a lot in the book that didn't make it onscreen, which only makes sense - reading on IMDB, it seems that Snyder had a 3 1/2 hour version in mind, and even so, that's not complete.

  • Last Night of Ballyhoo - saw this play at Second Story Repertory Theatre. A play set Atlanta, right at the time of the premiere of Gone With the Wind. The same playwright that wrote "Driving Miss Daisy", with a similar feel to it.

  • Crucifer of Blood - a Sherlock Holmes mystery on stage at the Knutsen Family Theatre in Federal Way. Good fun, and good performances all around.

  • Trellis - Not a piece of media, but an actual thing for plants to grow around. I've been looking at various projects (google RepRap sometime for a project that I'm easing my way into), and got the idea that making a thing for my rose bushes on the front side of my house would be easy and fun. Well, not super duper easy, but not so very hard, either. I bought a bunch of 1" PVC pipe (lesson learned, my car is just about big enough to carry 10' lengths), and quite a few T fittings and some elbow joints. I made three panels, two at 6'x6', and one at 6'x4'. When I finish connecting them up, the entire thing will be 20' long by 6' high. It'll look a little dorky, but it'll serve the purpose better than a similarly-priced purchased trellis that would be maybe 5' high and 2' wide. Pictures to follow.

  • French Connection - Finally watched this. Or, half-watched it. Meh.

  • Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D - this had somehow got on my TiVo. Yeesh.

  • Slumdog Millionaire - I particularly enjoyed the dance scene in the credits.

  • Daylight Savings - I think I've just about reset all the clocks. How hard would it be to have a low-powered radio emitter send out the correct time? And how hard would it be to have my clock radio tune in that frequency? Not very hard. Get on it, industry.

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