Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)


A while ago, I tried using the NetFlix/XBox360 movie streaming tool and found it wanting. Maybe I was downloading a bunch of stuff using the other machines in the house, squeezing out the movie bandwidth, or maybe there were other problems upstream. Probably both of these and more.

So, I took another run at watching streaming movies, and had a better experience. I looked through my NetFlix queue and discovered that "Spellbound" was going to become unavailable at the end of the month, so I decided to leap on it and seize the convenience. The whole notion of movies winking in and out of availability is odious to me, whether it's Disney pulling movies out of its vaults once or twice a generation to manufacture scarcity, or if it's more esoteric movies falling out of visibility because the audience is too small to keep the DVDs in print.

While I'm grumbling about this, one of my movies for the "best movies of my lifetime" project isn't currently available - The Last Picture Show, featuring a young Cybill Shepherd. I'm told it'll be available again in April, maybe. I asked TiVo if it was showing anytime sooner than that, and it couldn't help me, so I'll wait a few weeks. Practically speaking, that's fine. I'll still grumble, though.

Anyway, I watched Spellbound (the 2002 documentary about the 1999 national spelling bee, not the 1945 Hitchcock thriller). Fun and suspenseful, complete with multiple local reader boards offering CONGRADULATIONS to the local spelling CHAPMs. There was also a scene of a father firing word after word at his son, which seemed dangerous to me - yes, it's a high-volume approach, but it also clusters words together alphabetically, which might allow you to rely on nearby words too much.

I also winced when this same father asked for EP-uh-tome. Ah, well.
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