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85 to go - Blather, Rinse, Repeat
April 17th, 2009
10:34 am


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85 to go
or some such.

I just watched "Manhattan", or sorta half-watched it. Woody Allen is much easier to take early in the morning when you're distracted, it seems.

So, now my NetFlix / American Film Institute / IMDB project is down to 85 movies according to the spreadsheet I looked at this morning. I suspect there's a clutch of movies from the AFI's 10 top 10 that I intend to see, but haven't sorted into the list yet.

And then there's the sub-project, where I took all the movies on that list, selected those that were released in my lifetime, and I tried to see that sub-list by the end of 2008. I've missed that, but now the one movie remaining on the sub-list is "The Last Picture Show", which had been slated to be available in late April on NetFlix, but now is listed as being unavailable.

So, either I wait for it to come out on DVD (or, I guess, Blu-Ray), or I scrounge the DVD swapping services, or I scrounge eBay, or I wait for it to show up on cable. So much for making plans.

In related (in the sense that it also made me mad) news - I wrote Hasbro with more enthusiasm and happiness than I felt, saying that I'd love to know when they were ready to make PDF downloads of their out of print books available again. I have (surprise) not heard back from them, and in the interim, I've enriched their competition - there are plenty of small game developers that are making adventures and rules supplements available for purchase - some as PDFs, some as print-on-demand books. I spent a chunk of change on both of those recently.

And, as a punchline to this whole storyline, the particular supplement that set me off on this fugue of anger against TSR / WotC / Hasbro was one that I had already purchased in PDF format, as it turns out. And some of it is pretty dreadful, including some pen-and-ink drawings that might have come right off the back cover of my 5th grade math book.

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Date:April 18th, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)
First of all, thanks - especially for the Oscars musical number; I've still got a crazy itch to see that.

Hold on to that VHS tape - I don't have my VCRs hooked up right now, but sooner or later, I just might. In other news, I just signed up for SwapADVD.com, which allows me to list all the DVDs I've got gathering dust that I don't want to hang on to and rotate them around to get the DVDs I do want to see, but which NetFlix might not be able to provide for whatever reason.

The Last Picture Show is right at the top of that list, and I'm waiting in line behind a handful of people - so I'm optimistic that it'll show up pretty soon (and, indeed, sooner than I'd get around to hooking up the VCR).

Anyway, thanks, and if it takes more than a month or two, I'll take you up on this offer!

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