Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

The continuing drama of film

I've got a number of movie lists that a want to work my way through. One of the lists is an accumulation of movies that mess with your head (you know, your Momenti, your Darkos, that sort of thing). A blog post that got me rolling was Matt Baldwin's article about the topic: http://www.defectiveyeti.com/archives/002670.html

So, I took the movies in his list and a few others, subtracted out the ones I'd already seen and didn't feel that I would benefit from seeing again.

There was a movie on the list that I actually owned, but was surprised to see on the list, an Anime DVD called "Perfect Blue". I didn't recall much about the movie, so I went back to it today to see what was really going on.

As I saw it again, I recalled the characters, but I had completely forgotten the ending, so it came as a surprise again, which is something of an accomplishment, I guess. There are a lot of complaints I have with the movie, but my big complaint is that about 20 minutes from the end of the movie you get an explanation that sort of provides a structure for all the pieces, and then there's another explanation provided which doesn't account for all of the facts, and doesn't feel consistent with the other explanation.

Bleh. Time enough spent on that movie, I was happy to flag it on SwapADVD.com as something I was ready to be rid of, and right away the system was happy to give me an address of someone (poor soul) who wanted the disk.

As I stuck the disk in the mailbox, I discovered a NetFlix envelope, which contained a disk that had snapped in half. Sigh, back in the mail for that one. As I was going through the NetFlix process to return the broken disk (aside: they provided checkboxes - not radio boxes - one checkbox to allow me to say that the disk is physically broken, one checkbox to allow me to say that the disk is unwatchable. I should have checked both, I guess.) ... anyway, as I was going through telling NetFlix that somebody at the post office had folded the DVD in half, I noticed that "The Last Picture Show" had gone from "unavailable" to "short wait".


So, I moved it from the bottom of my queue back up to the top of my queue. As of right now, NetFlix is saying that it's shipping today. I guess that's a short enough wait.

Fingers crossed - I might actually be able to finish this one project at last.

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