Dave LeCompte (really) (tsmaster) wrote,
Dave LeCompte (really)

I may have injured a woman.
I may not be able to use my own left ankle tomorrow.
I need to remind myself the fancy swing moves that I've let fall out of my dance rotation.
I really don't like parking downtown.
I danced with numerous Ashleys, Chelseas, a few Britneys I think, a Kendra, and multiple Emilys. The places I normally go dancing has people with names like "Rose". I submit that "Ashley" was not popular in the greatest generation. Discuss.
I wasn't the oldest person in the room, and I certainly wasn't the strongest dancer in the room. But I was good enough of a dancer that I felt okay that I was nearly a generation older than the median age of the room.
There was a dancer who seemed in constant danger of moving in directions her clothing couldn't keep up with. To the best of my knowledge, this potential did not manifest. Perhaps if it were that sort of dancing establishment, they'd check IDs at the door.
I'm sore and tired and dehydrated.

And yet

I had a good time, and will try to find a way to go back soon.
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